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  • Polissian village Kukly

    Kukly is a Ukrainian village located near Manevychi in Volyn Oblast. The population is 935 people. The village is situated south (4 km) from the international route "Kyiv—Warsaw". We came here with a purpose to find the remains of the Noviny colony. But our research for one place turned into discovery of another one — the Polissian village Kukly. Of course, the place is not a tourist center, but it could be as it offers a lots of interesting wooden architecture, friendly residents, many flower gardens surrounding that beautiful village. Material about the history of Noviny Colony is available HERE. So, on Sunday morning in September 2019, at the entrance to the village we are greeted by a sign "Kukly" and a roadside cross. We will meet some more similar objects at the old borders of the village. Such a good tradition of our ancestors, and it is a pity that roadside crosses are not as durable as, for example, chapels. The village itself grew quite large during the Soviet time and even houses appeared where the Novina colony once stood, for which we came. There are two temples in the village: the Orthodox Church of St. Michael and the Pentecostal evangelical church. Both were built during the times of independent Ukraine. By the way, the modern Orthodox church stands on the same site as its predecessor, which did not survive the First World War. On the Internet you can find a photo of the interior, taken by the Austrians. In Kukly you can find a big school, a kindergarten, an outpatient clinic, a village council, a house of culture, etc. All buildings are in good conditions. There is a small pond in almost every yard. Since it was Sunday, the streets in the morning were uncrowded, but in the afternoon the situation changed somewhat. A football match was to take place in the village. Around the village there is a picturesque Polissian nature with its forests, clean air, and some special peaceful atmosphere. The villagers are very friendly and open. Of course, they looked a little bit suspicious at the "stranger" with the camera, but after the first contact they gladly shared memories and some tips. I even managed to taste the local Polissian cuisine. From time to time, foreigners also come to the village, so the oldest residents of Kukly are used to being asked about the settlement. There are even local stars. As in every real Ukrainian village, people coexist with animals. Our camera caught cats, dogs, horses, sheep, geese, ducks, and turkeys. The rest hid somewhere from our watchful eye. By the way, pay attention to the cats, they are especially cute here) Polish legionnaires who died here in 1915 are buried in the local cemetery. Old burials are almost non-existent because wooden crosses are short-lived, and other materials began to be used for construction the monuments only after the war. An interesting feature of this cemetery is that for each burial people put together two crosses. We have never seen such a thing earlier. We have taken plenty of photos, including images of houses and other architectural elements that will help you virtually visit the village. Perhaps, when you travel to the northern part of the Volyn region, this article will help you in choosing one of the points of the future journey) We would like to thank the locals for their hospitality and openness, for help and interest in our trip. You are wonderful!

  • History of the Volyn colony Nowiny near Manevychi

    The history of the Nowiny colony dates back to a little later than the foundation of the Second Polish Republic and the beginning of the functioning of its administration in Volhynia. The Severynivka estate, in fact, a colony was established on these lands, belonged to the Cielecki family for several centuries. After the death of Marceli-Severyn Zaremba-Cielecki, his property, namely 620 tithes, passed to his heirs: Zdzisława-Wanda Jaraczewska, Jadwiga-Eleonora Zaremba-Benak, Helena Zaremba Cielecka and Wielosława-Maria Grąskiewicz. These names will be written to the history of the establishment of the colony of Nowiny. Wielosława-Maria, one of the daughters of Marceli-Severyn and his wife Maria Kosińska (died before 1919), was born in Gostyn (Poland) in 1888, but spent her young years in Volhynia. She received a good education and worked as a bacteriologist in Warsaw, where she met her future husband, the artist Aleksandr Grąskiewicz (1879-1942). The couple married in 1919. Probably, the young family lived in the capital for some time, but after all decided to put the estate and inherited land in order. The domestic policy strategy of the newly created state helped them. The Second Polish Republic supported the settlement of ethnic Poles in Volhynia, also, state institutions provided them with favorable loans, the war participants (so-called osadnicy wojskowi [military settlers]) were able to obtain land free of charge. And so, Mrs. Wielosława is already selling the first plot of land to the Ciszek family. The following year, 1923, two more families began to live here — the Bujaks and the Kollatorowiczs. Therefore, before the war, Nowiny had almost 15 families, including the founder, who moved home to Volhynia. On the map, published in 1938, you can see 11 сourts that belonged to the Nowiny colony; their location is shown on a modern satellite image. Unfortunately, as an independent unit, the colony did not survive the war. Very little is known about the fate of Nowiny residents, it is unknown how many of them remained alive. Some were forced to leave Volhynia because of their nationality. Today, the territory of the former colony is part of the village of Kukly, Manevychi region. The locals know almost nothing about this corner of the village. Call it Novyny. According to legend, "Polish houses" were dismantled for building materials after the war, and only later did the Kukly grow and covered the mentioned area as well. None of the houses got through the war. You can learn more about the trip to the village of Kukly HERE. Here is a list of residents of the Nowiny colony, compiled on the basis of voter lists from 1938 with some additions from various sources. The year of settlement of one or more family members is indicated in parentheses. Grąskiewicz Wielosława 1888 Ciszek (since1922) Walenty 1890 та Marianna 1900, одна з доньок називалася Janina Kollatorowicz (since1923) Jósef 1867 та Janina 1897 Bujak (since1923) Jósef 1900, Jósefa 1904 Drżewiecki (since1924) Aleksander 1892-1967 and his wife Stefania Bekus 1900-1982, their children: Helena (lived 4 years), Kazimiera (lived 3 years), Stanisław (died after birth), Maria 1935 Kołaczek (since1924), приїхали з міста Коньське (Польща) Władysław 1885-1955 and his wife Marjanna Fornal 1886-1972,their children: Wacław 1922-1993, Władysław 1924-1992, Irena Cmieła 1927-1999 and another baby eaten by wolves. Kozyra (since1924) Władysław 1897 та Julianna 1895 Kocyła (since1924) Józef 1872, Marjanna 1880, Hipolit 1909, Janina 1911 Wrżeśniak (since1926) Piotr 1874, Jósefa 1908, Zofia 1911 Karasiewicz (since1927) Konstanty 1900 Bekus (since1929) Bronisława 1914 (sister of Stefanii Drżewieckiej) Wydra (since1932) Antoni 1905 Bassara (since1933), came from Rzeszów Jan (1871-1938) and his wife Maria Zakrzewska 1882, their children: Ludwik 1910, Edward 1912, Jozef, Franciszek, Katarzyna, Zofia, Stanisław, Stanisława and Tadeusz. Kraszewski (since1933) Jan 1910 Wilczyński (since1936) Jan 1909, Janina 1909 Thanks for some information Mrs. W. Skrzypczak and Mr. C. Bassara

  • Voters: gmina Kupychiv / Kupiczów 1938

    In the late 1930s, the Kupichiv gmina of Kovel County (pl. powiat Kowel) had 29 communities. The commune was originally called Novy Dvir (pl. Nowy Dwór), but on March 20, 1931 it was renamed Kupychiv (pl. Kupiczów). Ukrainians, Czechs, Poles, Jews, Germans and so-called people "holendry" (ie descendants of settlers from the Netherlands/Holland) lived within the gmina There were 7,221 voters in the commune during the parliamentary elections. By the way, this is one of the few communes whose voter lists have survived in full, not in part. We publish a list of surnames that appear in these lists. Surnames in Polish, as in the original. Settlements of Kupichiv gmina (: Adamówka, Aleksandrówka Holendery, Antonówka, Berestowa, Budki, Budy, Czerniejów, Dażwa, Janów, Karolinka, Kupiczów, Leżaczów, Lipa Stanisławówka, Łowiszcze, Michałówka, Miedzików, Mirosławówka, Moczółki, Mokowicze, Nowy Dwór, Nyry, Osiekrów, Ośmigowicze, Ostrów, Ozierany, Peresieka, Popielówka, Serkizów, Sieniawka, Suszybaba, Swiniarzyn, Szczytniki, Wiktorówka, Wołosówka Surnames are written in Polish, as in the original documents. We present separately surnames from the town of Kupichiv. Abram, Abramczuk, Abramowicz, Adamiec, Adamowicz, Ajzenbojm, Alman, Andrejczuk, Andrejko, Androsiuk, Aniszczuk, Antoniuk, Appel, Ardt, Arndt, Arnt, Augustyniak Badio, Badyra, Bagiński, Bakus, Balcerek, Bałdiuk, Baloun, Banderski, Banek, Baran, Barczuk, Barg, Bartek, Bartko, Bartoszewski, Barykow, Batiuszkin, Batke, Baum, Bednarek, Begelman, Bejlich, Bejmert, Bemer, Bemert, Beń, Benko, Beńko, Ber, Bereski, Bertko, Beszta, Betkier, Bezsmiertny, Bielanowski, Bielecki, Bieliszuk, Bieniuk, Bilas, Bilske, Binek, Biniek, Biruk, Błażeńczuk, Bliziński, Bobik, Bogusz, Bojaryn, Bondarewski, Bondaruk, Bondyra, Boratyniec, Borejczuk, Borjatyniec, Borodicz, Borysiuk, Bożyk, Brajtkrajc, Brajtkrojc, Brandt, Brant, Braun, Broż, Brukaluk, Brzoska, Buben, Buczek, Bufald, Bukita, Bulmann, Bulow, Burłaczuk, Buss, Byra, Bytow Całka, Celmer, Chalimon, Chamot, Charliński, Charytoniuk, Chawron, Chawrona, Chazen, Chilewski, Chmielowski, Chmieluk, Chodorowski, Chojnacki, Choma, Chomenko, Chomik, Chomiuk, Chropot, Chudzik, Chwalewski, Cieplucha, Cieślikowski, Cisaruk, Cygler, Cysaruk, Cytrycki, Czabańczuk, Czajka, Czajkowski, Czechowski, Czemerys, Czereniuk, Czernik, Czerwonka, Czopko, Czuchraj, Czykinowski Dąbrowski, Damer, Dańczenko, Danieluk, Daniluk, Dawiak, Dawidiuk, Degen, Dejer, Demczuk, Demosz, Denysiuk, Deryng, Dimiński, Dmitruk, Dobniuk, Dobrowolski, Dogoda, Dołgus, Doniecki, Drogoszewski, Dubczuk, Dubel, Dubij, Dubinczuk, Dubińczuk, Dubiniec, Duda, Dudicz, Dudik, Dumka, Dygoda, Dymek, Dymidziuk, Dymiński, Dyszluk, Dytrych, Dzięsław, Dzyk Eberhard, Egler, Enwert, Eudokimow Fediuk, Fedorczuk, Fedoruk, Fedorukowicz, Fefer, Felske, Felski, Felskie, Ferdynus, Fic, Fichtenberg, Fige, Figiel, Figurowski, Fijałow, Filas, Fisz, Fiszer, Fita, Fomenko, Fot, Frajman, Franckowski, Friske, Frojluch, Fruchlich, Fryc, Frynandendt, Frytz, Fudym, Furmaniuk Gabe, Gabert, Gaczyński, Gadomski, Gajst, Gałka, Garbaruk, Gąsior, Gąsiorowski, Gawdun, Gawriołek, Gawrylewski, Gdyra, Gębka, Gechmański, Gelert, Geller, Gerasymczuk, Giliński, Girsz, Girszfeld, Gissel, Gitzel, Giuze, Głowacki, Głowacz, Gniot, Goc, Gocał, Godacz, Godlewski, Golczewski, Goldszmidt, Golszmidt, Gołubowski, Gonczaruk, Gontarski, Gontek, Gordijewski, Gorecki, Górski, Gospodaruk, Grabarczuk, Grabarczyk, Grabjas, Grabowski, Grodzki, Gromik, Gross, Gruber, Gruszczyński, Gruszko, Gruszowenczuk, Gruszowiec, Gryć, Grynblant, Grynblat, Grynszpun, Grynszput, Grysiuk, Gryszczuk, Gryszko, Guzowski Hadupiak, Hajdelberg, Hałąsuk, Hałąziuk, Hałuszka, Hanas, Hanusz, Harach, Hawrylewski, Hawryluk, Hein, Hejda, Hejn, Helchard, Helman, Henczke, Herasimczuk, Herasimiuk, Herasymczuk, Hercog, Hercok, Hessel, Hildebrandt, Hładio, Hładyszczuk, Hładyszuk, Hnatiuk, Hochlender, Hofman, Holc, Hołdyś, Hołobiuk, Hołoszczuk, Hołoziuk, Holszmidt, Hołub, Hominiuk, Honczaruk, Honczyruk, Horak, Horowitz, Houżwic, Hryciuk, Hryniuk, Hryszko, Hubczyk, Huk, Humela, Humeniuk, Humieniuk, Huminiuk, Hurkach Iszczuk, Iwaniuk Jachimiuk, Jagalski, Jagiełło, Jakielaszek, Jakimiuk, Jakóbowski, Jakubiuk, Jakubowski, Janda, Janeczek, Janio, Janiszewski, Jankiewicz, Jardel, Jarmoluk, Jaromicz, Jasinczuk, Jasińczuk, Jasiński, Jaśkiewicz, Jaszczuk, Jaszczukiewicz, Jedan, Jędruszczak, Jędzrejowski, Jehn, Jenik, Jenn, Jeske, Jewczyński, Jewdokijew, Jewdokimow, Jewdokimowicz, Jewsiuk, John, Józefowicz, Józwicki, Juchimiuk, Jucht, Juhimiuk, Jurczenko, Jurczuk, Jurkowski Kaczaniuk, Kaczmar, Kałaszniuk, Kalczuk, Kalińczuk, Kalinowski, Kaliszuk, Kaliwoda, Kalnicki, Kalużny, Kałużny, Kamas, Kamke, Kamuda, Kaniuk, Kanonik, Kański, Kapłan, Kapliński, Kapościński, Kapusciński, Kapuściński, Kapustiński, Karacaj, Karaczun, Karg, Karpiuk, Karpuk, Karsz, Kasiuk, Kaucki, Kaziuk, Kędziorek, Kic, Kiellert, Kierda, Kierżner, Kikawski, Kimmel, Kiry, Kiryczuk, Kiryjczuk, Kiryluk, Kisełka, Kiser, Kisiel, Kisluk, Kiśluk, Kisser, Kisuryna, Kleszowski, Klimiuk, Kłoczuk, Klukas, Kmin, Knul, Koblański, Kociuba, Kołtoniuk, Kołtyk, Kommad, Konaszuk, Koncewicz, Kondracewicz, Kondratiuk, Konewka, Konrad, Kopczyński, Kopik, Koptiuch, Koptiuk, Korniluk, Korolczak, Korona, Korpacki, Korzeń, Kos, Kosacki, Kościuk, Kosiuk, Koss, Kostiuk, Kotiuk, Kowal, Kowalczuk, Kowalewski, Kowarski, Koza, Kozak, Kozicki, Kozłowski, Krajewski, Kramarewicz, Kraszewski, Krawczuk, Krenc, Krewski, Król, Kropiwniuk, Krujewski, Krygier, Krynicki, Kryszczuk, Kryształ, Krywicki, Kryworuczka, Kryze, Krzesina, Krzyżanowski, Kubacki, Kucharczyk, Kucharuk, Kuczmar, Kudacki, Kudyk, Kujkowski, Kukiełka, Kukulski, Kukuruza, Kula, Kułaczok, Kulakin, Kunc, Kuncewicz, Kupczyński, Kurdyban, Kurek, Kurnicki, Kusz, Kusznir, Kuźmiak, Kuźmicz, Kuzmiuk, Kwaśnik, Kwast, Kwaszuk, Kwiatek, Kwiatkowski, Kwirant, Kyć Lach, Lafel, Lancman, Langer, Łapko, Łaskarzewski, Laszczuk, Łata, Ławreniuk, Ławryniuk, Lefel, Lehman, Lempke, Leń, Lenard, Leszczyński, Leszkiewicz, Lewczuk, Lewicki, Leżański, Licht, Lipski, Lisek, Litke, Litkowiec, Lodwig, Łozowicki, Lubowiecki, Łuciuk, Lucius, Łuczek, Łuczko, Łukaszewicz, Łukjańczuk, Łukjaniuk Macanke, Machniuk, Machowski, Macioch, Macuła, Madej, Mądrzak, Magnucki, Maistruk, Majewski, Majstruk, Mak, Makara, Makarczuk, Makaruk, Makowski, Maksijuk, Makuszka, Malinowski, Manieluk, Mantaj, Marcinkowski, Marcyniuk, Marczuk, Marczyniuk, Marek, Markowski, Marszak, Martyn, Martyniuk, Masiuk, Masternak, Masurek, Maszkowski, Masztalaruk, Matjaszczuk, Matwiejczuk, Matwiejuk, Matzanke, Mazenski, Mazur, Mazuruk, Mechanio, Medwedczuk, Mękiel, Melniczuk, Mezenski, Mezeński, Michalczuk, Michalewicz, Michalik, Michel, Miedwieńczuk, Mielnicki, Mielniczuk, Mielnik, Mieniec, Mieszkaniuk, Migdal, Mikuła, Milczarek, Miller, Miske, Miszczuk, Mitura, Mojszewski, Mołdowan, Morski, Mroczkowski, Munduc, Municzewski, Muzyczuk, Mychanio Nachiluk, Nagajek, Nagorny, Nahajek, Nahorny, Najdycz, Narog, Naumiec, Nazaruk, Nickiel, Nieczyporuk, Niedoryś, Niedzielski, Niedzwiecki, Niepogoda, Nieratko, Nikitin, Nikitiuk, Nikonczuk, Nikończuk, Nizio, Nowakowicz, Nowosad, Nowotny, Nudel, Nyrczuk Ochyra, Ogrodnik, Ojstaczer, Okseńciuk, Oksenczuk, Okseńczuk, Oksentiuk, Oleksiuk, Olenczenko, Olszański, Onisk, Onisko, Oniszczuk, Onopryiuk, Onopryjuk, Onyszczak, Onyszczuk, Open, Oroń, Oryszczuk, Oryszko, Osak, Ostapiuk, Ostrołuk, Ostrowski, Ostrowuk, Otto, Owczarek Pacek, Pacuła, Paczeruk, Paliwoda, Pałka, Pałke, Pałys, Panasiuk, Pancer, Panczuk, Pardus, Parfeniuk, Partem, Pasowski, Pastryk, Pastyk, Paszczuk, Patoka, Patryarch, Pawłow, Pawluk, Pawłuś, Peczeruk, Pełc, Perelmuter, Peterman, Petruk, Peżyk, Pieczończuk, Pielecki, Pilecki, Pilipczuk, Pindiuk, Pinkoś, Pinziuk, Piotrowski, Pirkes, Pirskes, Piuro, Piwniuk, Płazowski, Plewa, Pliziński, Podhajski, Podhorodecki, Pokora, Pokrupa, Poleszczuk, Poleszuk, Poliszczuk, Poliszuk, Poliwka, Polkowski, Pomorski, Popowicz, Pośluk, Potapiuk, Potocki, Poznański, Pożywio, Prochaska, Prochorowicz, Protaczuk, Protasiuk, Protosowicki, Prychodko, Prydun, Prystupa, Pryszczepa, Przybylski, Przybysz, Przydacz, Pugaczuk, Pyć, Pydowski Rabczyniuk, Raby, Raczyński, Radczuk, Radke, Rajewicz, Rakoczy, Rapp, Raszka, Rebman, Rechlauer, Redmer, Rejklich, Remiszewski, Renc, Reszkie, Rezniczek, Reźniczek, Riedner, Riedrer, Rodiuk, Romańczuk, Romaniuk, Romanowski, Romaszko, Rosiński, Rosner, Rostun, Rozmirski, Rubinsztejn, Rudkowski, Rudwald, Rura, Rużycki, Rybczuk, Rydner, Ryll, Rytter, Rytwiński, Ryzniczuk, Rzepka Sachajko, Sacharuk, Sachniuk, Saczok, Saczuk, Sadłoś, Sado, Sadownik, Sadowski, Sałąch, Sałatiuk, Sałfetnik, Samczuk, Samczyk, Samoniuk, Sapiołka, Sapiułka, Sawczuk, Sawicki, Sawiczuk, Schönrok, Sebastjaniuk, Seib, Sejb, Selezniuk, Semeniuk, Seredowicz, Serwaczyński, Sewastjaniuk, Siczkaruk, Sidłowski, Sieczkaruk, Siedlecki, Siedłowski, Siewiski, Sikup, Simerfeld, Sitowski, Skałbania, Skibicki, Skop, Skramuski, Skrzypczyński, Sladecki, Sladewski, Sławiński, Słoboda, Słobodiak, Słotobiuk, Slusaruk, Smaluk, Smiciuch, Smietiuk, Smitiuk, Smolarczuk, Smolij, Sobański, Sobczyński, Sobotowicz, Soch, Sochacki, Sochaczewski, Sochn, Sohn, Sokołowski, Sokoluk, Somerfeld, Sonenberg, Sosna, Sosnal, Spodniewski, Stachowski, Stachurski, Stasalis, Stasiak, Stasiuk, Stefaniuk, Stelmaszuk, Stepaniuk, Stepasiuk, Stępień, Stolarczuk, Studenczuk, Stykowski, Suduł, Swider, Swiderski, Swidiuk, Swityj, Sylwestrów, Symoniuk, Syroka, Szachrajuk, Szałaputa, Szałko, Szczeniawski, Szczerbik, Szczuka, Szczygel, Szczygiel, Szczypiowski, Szebesta, Szejer, Szenkier, Szenwald, Szer, Szewczuk, Szewczyk, Szkałuba, Szklaruk, Szkudlarek, Szlecht, Szmalc, Szmedek, Szmidek, Szmidke, Szmidtke, Szmojs, Szmojsz, Szmulkowski, Sznajder, Szneider, Sznejder, Szostak, Szpaczek, Szpak, Szperber, Szplet, Szpotowicz, Szrot, Szuba, Szubka, Szufer, Szulc, Szulcbacher, Szulgan, Szultz, Szumski, Szurdak, Szütz, Szwed, Szwem, Szwindela, Szworak, Szybiński, Szydłowski, Szyłko, Szymański, Szymonowski, Szymula, Szyndel, Szytz Talimonczuk, Taradaj, Tarasiuk, Tarzyniecki, Tencer, Teodorowicz, Terefelski, Tereszczuk, Terniecki, Tews, Tide, Tkacz, Tkaczuk, Tocki, Tołoczko, Tom, Tomaszewski, Tomczuk, Traczyński, Trociuk, Trzciński, Tuński, Turowski, Tymcio, Tymkowicz, Tymochowicz Unikowicz, Urban, Utter, Użarowski Wakulczuk, Wakulicz, Walenta, Waniczek, Wantland, Wasejko, Wasiutycz, Waszczuk, Watenmacer, Watenmacher, Watenmaczer, Watnik, Wawryńczuk, Wawryniuk, Wdowin, Weckwert, Wedeńczuk, Welczer, Weliczko, Welszer, Wendland, Wentlant, Weremczuk, Werk, Wichowski, Widryński, Wierzbicki, Winkiewicz, Winkler, Winter, Wiśniewski, Wiszczak, Witebski, Witkowski, Własiuk, Wnuk, Woiński, Wojciechowski, Wójcik, Wojciuk, Wojtiuk, Wolaniuk, Wołczok, Wołczuk, Wołczyński, Wolf, Wołkanowicz, Wołkow, Wołodawiec, Wołoszyn, Wolter, Worobiej, Wosiak, Woźna, Woźniak, Wróbel, Wszoła, Wyszczuk Zabramski, Zabroda, Zachulin, Zagórski, Zając, Zajcew, Zakidalski, Zakołodeżny, Załęski, Zalewski, Zań, Zapalski, Zaręba, Zasławski, Zauer, Zdan, Zębaty, Zelent, Zelewski, Żeromski, Zeuft, Zewald, Zieliński, Zinczuk, Zińczuk, Ziołkowski, Zojberman, Zonenberg, Zuber, Zubkiewicz, Żukowski, Zyłka, Zymon, Zyrycki, Zyszkowski, Zytny, Zywialak

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  • Volyn59 | Volynia

    In 1959, an expedition began in the Volyn region, aimed to collect information about the objects of history and architecture for their inclusion to the number of regional monuments. Such expeditions were organized by various regions of Ukraine, research and project sectors of the republican special probing and restoration workshops under the State Committee for Construction of the USSR. Members of the Volyn team have visited many old churches, palaces and other buildings in almost a hundred settlements over the years. Hundreds of photos were taken showing the state of the architecture at the time of the expedition. Despite good intentions, some of the temples depicted in the photo were soon blown up and dismantled. Nowadays, the collection of these photos is the last of the interesting places that survived two World Wars, but did not survive the Soviet vision... We add a list of places including the photos and a map for your convenience. Stay tuned for new posts on this project. Volyn'59: Rokytnytsya This article is part of the project "Volyn'59", which tells about the photo-fixation of the historical and architecture objects located... 35 0 4 likes. Post not marked as liked 4 Wolyn'59: Buzhkovychi This article is part of the project "Volyn'59", which tells about the photo-fixation of the historical and architecture objects located... 9 0 4 likes. Post not marked as liked 4 Wolyn'59: Khmeliv This article is part of the project "Volyn'59", which tells about the photo-fixation of the historical and architecture objects located... 15 0 4 likes. Post not marked as liked 4

  • Volyn OST | Volynia

    Volyn OST - a project dedicated to the memory of Volyn ostarbeiters (German Ostarbeiter - a worker from the east) . Our team manages the searches and publications of letters written by Volyn residents from their workplaces to their relatives. On the first stage we have started processing the R-409 fund in the State Archive of the Volyn region (Lutsk). This fund contains about one thousand letters that did not reach the recipients. Also, publications about Volyn ostarbeiters are highlighted as a separate category "Volyn OST" in our blog. There you will find lists of exported people, their memories about work and some personal stories, etc. Easter letter from Eastern worker Easter letter from Alexander Handshal [surname may have a grammar mistake] addressed to a family from the village of Svityaz near Shatsk.... 57 0 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 You can freely download photocopies posted on our website for personal use. Any use of photocopies for commercial purposes is not permitted. Use for publications on social networks, media pages, print media is permitted by sharing the link to our site. Sender in Polish and Ukrainian Recipient in Polish and Ukrainian Date Archive and № files Location (usually the recipient) according to the pre-war administrative division Baranowski Edward Baranowska Ulana 15.08.42 Kopcze, gm. Poddębce ДАВО Р-409.1.21 Batyk / Батик Петро Batyk / Батик Федір 17.11.42 Pawłowicze, gm. Kisielin ДАВО Р-409.1.17 Baraboszka / Барабошка Василь Baraboszka / Барабошка Тихон 19.12.42 Pawłowicze, gm. Kisielin ДАВО Р-409.1.20 Borsuk / Борсук Єфтух Borsuk / Борсук Лаврентій 20.12.42 Mielniki, gm. Szack ДАВО Р-409.1.39 Bilicz / Біліч Нікіфор Bilicz / Біліч Ніна 20.12.42 Wólka Porska, gm. Hołoby ДАВО Р-409.1.30 Boruch / Борух Антоніна Boruch / Борух Зіна 25.12.42 Szack, gm. Szack ДАВО Р-409.1.40 Boruch / Борух Антоніна Boruch / Борух Зіна 14.01.43 Szack, gm. Szack ДАВО Р-409.1.40 Boruch / Борух Антоніна Boruch / Борух Зіна 25.01.43 Szack, gm. Szack ДАВО Р-409.1.40 Andrejewa / Андреєва Марія Andrejew / Андреєв Стах 01.02.43 Zaturce, gm. Kisielin ДАВО Р-409.1.3 Berestiuk / Берестюк Анна Berestiuk / Берестюк Мілан 03.02.43 Zalesie, gm. Pulemiec ДАВО Р-409.1.26 ? Іван Babaryka / Бабарика Харитина 16.02.43 Obpały, gm. Ratno ДАВО Р-409.1.22 Baraboszka / Барабошка Андрій Baraboszka / Барабошка Ілля 20.02.43 Pawłowicze, gm. Kisielin ДАВО Р-409.1.18 1 2 3 4 5 1 ... 1 2 3 4 5 ... 5

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