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Polissian village Kukly

Kukly is a Ukrainian village located near Manevychi in Volyn Oblast. The population is 935 people. The village is situated south (4 km) from the international route "Kyiv—Warsaw".


We came here with a purpose to find the remains of the Noviny colony. But our research for one place turned into discovery of another one — the Polissian village Kukly. Of course, the place is not a tourist center, but it could be as it offers a lots of interesting wooden architecture, friendly residents, many flower gardens surrounding that beautiful village.

So, on Sunday morning in September 2019, at the entrance to the village we are greeted by a sign "Kukly" and a roadside cross. We will meet some more similar objects at the old borders of the village. Such a good tradition of our ancestors, and it is a pity that roadside crosses are not as durable as, for example, chapels. The village itself grew quite large during the Soviet time and even houses appeared where the Novina colony once stood, for which we came.

There are two temples in the village: the Orthodox Church of St. Michael and the Pentecostal evangelical church. Both were built during the times of independent Ukraine. By the way, the modern Orthodox church stands on the same site as its predecessor, which did not survive the First World War. On the Internet you can find a photo of the interior, taken by the Austrians.

Interior of the temple in Kukly. ~1916 year,

In Kukly you can find a big school, a kindergarten, an outpatient clinic, a village council, a house of culture, etc. All buildings are in good conditions. There is a small pond in almost every yard. Since it was Sunday, the streets in the morning were uncrowded, but in the afternoon the situation changed somewhat. A football match was to take place in the village.

Around the village there is a picturesque Polissian nature with its forests, clean air, and some special peaceful atmosphere.

The villagers are very friendly and open. Of course, they looked a little bit suspicious at the "stranger" with the camera, but after the first contact they gladly shared memories and some tips. I even managed to taste the local Polissian cuisine. From time to time, foreigners also come to the village, so the oldest residents of Kukly are used to being asked about the settlement. There are even local stars.

As in every real Ukrainian village, people coexist with animals. Our camera caught cats, dogs, horses, sheep, geese, ducks, and turkeys. The rest hid somewhere from our watchful eye. By the way, pay attention to the cats, they are especially cute here)

Polish legionnaires who died here in 1915 are buried in the local cemetery. Old burials are almost non-existent because wooden crosses are short-lived, and other materials began to be used for construction the monuments only after the war. An interesting feature of this cemetery is that for each burial people put together two crosses. We have never seen such a thing earlier.

We have taken plenty of photos, including images of houses and other architectural elements that will help you virtually visit the village. Perhaps, when you travel to the northern part of the Volyn region, this article will help you in choosing one of the points of the future journey)